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ASMP Members Portraits • April 2 & 3, 2011 • SB3 Chicago © 2011 Shawn G. Henry • 978.590.4869

Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia

ASMP Members Portraits • April 2 & 3, 2011 • SB3 Chicago © 2011 Shawn G. Henry • 978.590.4869 

Alex Garcia 




As a Chicago commercial photographer and photojournalist, I've been telling stories through some 6,000 assignments to date.  

Along the way, I've received a Pulitzer Prize, a World Press Photo award and several other accolades, leading HarperCollins to call me "one of the world's leading photojournalists." Most recently I was part of a project that won a Titanium Lion in the 2017 Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity. 

Whether it be stills, motion or a hybrid shoot, I've learned to be resourceful, creative and dependable no matter the circumstance or level of production. I enjoy the benefits of being a sole photographer as much as I enjoy working with a team to achieve creative objectives and art direction on a larger production.  

My philosophy: Strong communication skills, direction and positivity on set are crucial to rally others to the creative vision on a project.  

When I'm not on a project, I'm teaching, speaking and blogging to give back to the profession.  

I currently serve on the board of the National Press Photographers Association. I'm also a professor with the School of Visual Arts in New York and previously an adjunct lecturer at the Northwestern University Medill Graduate School.  

I've also written a 145-page book on photojournalism and documentary photography called, "Depth of Field: Tips on Photojournalism and Creativity." It's being used as a teaching text across the country.  

As a public speaker, I've presented at universities, associations, and sold-out events in Chicago such as Printers Row Lit Fest, Chicago Ideas Week and TEDx Midwest.  

I have a personal interest in Cuba, the island of my heritage. Over the past fifteen years I've shot almost a year in the country - including three months as a staff photographer for the Chicago Tribune. I go back a couple times each year. And no, I'm all out of cigars.  

I live in the Chicago area with my wife, fine art photographer Laura Husar Garcia, two precocious kids who take amazing photographs for their young age and a yellow lab who always wants to get into the picture (especially if there's a cheese stick involved).